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o Monthly Meetings: Attend meetings with guest speakers from within the community &/or presentations at each meeting. We currently meet the fourth Monday of every month (excluding summer) at City Hall with light lunch by donation.

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Strategic Direction of the Social Planning Council of Williams Lake & Area:

o Poverty Reduction and the local Living Wage Campaign.

o Community Collaboration and Networking.

o Retention and Succession of residents within the Area.

Community Social Planning:

o Supports communities in building an integrated approach to complex problems that take into account social, economic, and environmental concerns.

o Maximizes the effectiveness of often scarce resources by working to reduce duplication, overlap and competition.

o Provides an ongoing forum for communication, coordination and conflict resolution.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Feb 27, 2017 Monthly Meeting Minutes (draft)

Location: Boardroom at the downtown CMHA location at 51 North 4th Ave (across from Safeway). In attendance (from sign-in sheet): Carla Bullinger, Anne Burrill, Larry Stranberg, Kathie Vilkas, Diane Wright, Sharon Taylor and Jessica Dunn.

Accept Minutes & Agenda
During lunch we:
·   Reviewed meeting minutes from Jan 23, 2017
Motion to accept minutes as presented - MFSC
·   Reviewed meeting agenda for Feb 27, 2017
Motion to accept agenda as presented - MFSC

Presentation from the Communities that Care Program
Carla Bullinger and Anne Burrill presented some results from the CTC's 2016 Community Assessment Report from data collected in the second survey of the CTC program.

Highlights from the presentation:
Evidence based model for a community to engage in based in prevention science.
It is a roadmap that helps guide a community (outcome focused).
Extensive surveys (grades 6 - 12) in 2009, and now again in 2016.
Looking at research based predictors of problems for youth issues.
Over 20 predictive & protective factors are surveyed for.

CTC follows a specific process, and then chooses an evidence based program to address issues identified in the survey. Williams Lake was chosen as a pilot program City for CTC in 2009.

Locally, we implemented "Positive Action", and this second survey is an assessment six years later.

Prevention Needs Assessment Survey (6 - 12 grades - entire district)
70% response rate (over 1200 kids).
Anonymous and confidential
Multiple measures to screen out invalid surveys
Provides comparative data results between 2009 - 2016
Gives a snapshot in time

Comparative results from 2010 --> 2015:
Low Commitment to school 53% - 44% (9% better)
Parental attitudes favourable to anti-social behaviour and drug use (no significant change)
Early Initiative of antisocial behaviour (1) and drug use (2) 35 - 30 & 48 -38 (5% and 10%)
Community Laws and Norms 57 - 52 (5% better)
Fewer kids are high risk now (60 - 55%)
Improvement in high protection factors (60 - 67%)

The first survey lead to the evidence based prevention program, Positive Action because it can be used in schools, the community and families. It is a curriculum based program.

Aligning our work for collective impact: local Circle of Courage (poster), Glass Slippers, Youth Group, Building Resilient Learners framework/ Sense of Belonging Plans for each school (from SD#27 interest to tackle the low commitment to school factor).

Students now in grade 6 - 8 have had the most exposure to Positive Action and have also shown the greatest improvement.

Some other results:
14.2 -> 5.4 (attacked someone intending to hurt them)
7.5 -> 3.4 Gang involvement
21 -> 4 (binge drinking)
Grades 6 -9 improved, 10 - 12 did not improve (50%)  shoed Depressive symptoms

Children living in Poverty 20 is BC average (in WL it was 24->  28 now)
Early Childhood vulnerability of children in kindergarten 44% (BC is 32%)
20% of children in Williams Lake do not have an adult they can talk to

Priorities for the next year have been chosen with percentage goals

April 7th - Community Planning session (8:30 am - 1pm) to focus on depressive symptoms.

The view the entire reports (both 2010 and 2016), please visit School District No 27's website at http://www.sd27.bc.ca/healthy-schools-healthy-students/communities-that-care/

Choosing a Poverty Reduction focus
Discussion: choosing an indicator from the CTC community profile (such as Neighbourhood Attachment) to focus SPC efforts on; to explore bringing a successful evidence based program to our community to address the chosen focus with partner agencies and/or community groups.
This item was deferred to the next meeting when more members are present.

All Candidate's Forum
Request for the Social Planning Council to have two representatives work with committee organizing an all candidates forum.

A non-partisan committee has begun working following the BC2030 meetings held in our community.  They have requested reps from those people who participated in the BC2030 sessions.  At this point there are a few members from the Council of Canadians on the committee and they would appreciate assistance – whether as a SPC rep or rep for your own organization.

The framework for the forum will be unique.  The committee will select a few of the sustainable goals outlined below and have a speaker on the topic.  Each candidate will then be asked how they will address the issue.

There is some financial support for the forum from BC2030.  The Gibraltar room is tentatively booked for Apr 20, 2017. 

The next meeting is March 7 at 1:00 pm in the library meeting room.  You can contact Bette McLellan at 250-392-6423 for more information.

Action: Jessica will attend this meeting, and send more information out to the group (see below).

From BC2030 website: http://bccic.ca/bc2030/

BC 2030 is a non-partisan political campaign that looks to the UN Sustainable Development Goals as an opportunity for British Columbia to demonstrate provincial leadership on global issues.
The SDGs are a framework of 17 goals that aim to address the world’s environmental, social, economic, and security challenges. Unprecedented in nature, these new goals are:

-aspirational : challenging us to move past a business as usual mentality for seeking solutions
-interconnected and indivisible : recognizing that to truly be achieved, we cannot think of them  as existing in isolation from each other
-and universal : asserting that global issues transcend borders existing within all countries

The goals invite all people and all tiers of government to understand where they fit into a bigger picture.

For the first time, all countries, including Canada, will be required to provide updates on our progress to the rest of the world. British Columbia needs to look at how the issues we face locally fit in with our country’s progress. Now that Canada has committed to this global framework, British Columbia has a concrete role, connection, and mandate to contribute its fair toward achieving  these goals.

With communities around the province and world increasingly feeling the impacts of global issues such as poverty, inequality, and climate change, BC 2030 recognizes the importance of moving to action as quickly as possible. The campaign focuses on our upcoming 2017 provincial election as a platform to explore this conversation in a provincial context and invite our political leaders to expand their thinking.

BC 2030 is an invitation to think differently. These goals are brand new and the world is still trying to figure out how to best go about achieving them. There is space and need right now for innovative leadership in Canada on what implementation of these goals looks like at a subnational level. British Columbia has an opportunity to be this leader.

View the seventeen UN Sustainable Development Goals on the UN web site listed below:

Roundtable Updates
Kathie Vilkas - Hospice
Hike for Hospice is going ahead this year (since 2005)
End of Life Hospice Training is taking place again in April. Note: people can still attend this training even if they cannot commit to volunteering.

Carla Bullinger - Workshop on sexual molestation is being organized for Williams Lake for this fall. March 1 at 1 pm at the WCS is the next planning session.
Anne Burrill - Housing First: homeless count taking place today (results by the end of March). This current program is winding down with the funding.
Larry Stranberg - Community Futures has partnered with Chamber of Commerce for workshops in September about how to sell (and buy) a business.
Sharon Taylor (IMSS) - see the Press Release sent out. The IMSS was notified that there office is being closed at the end of March.
Motion - the SPC will write a letter of support to the Minister, and cc to Todd Doherty.
Action - Jessica will draft letter and send to board for their review.

Meeting was adjourned. The next monthly meeting will be on Mar 27/17

Friday, March 10, 2017

Community Updates - Mar 10, 2017

Community Updates - Mar 10, 2017

Please see the link below for the following updates from around the community:

Table of Contents:
1) Performances in the Park Artist Applications 2017 - deadline extended
2) The Future of our Forests - sharing ideas and solutions Mar 16th at 7 pm
3) Press Release: Immigrant & Multicultural Services Society Office is closing it's doors
4) End of Life Hospice Palliative Care Volunteer Training - Apr 27 - 29th
5) Bowl for Kids Sake - Big Brothers Big Sisters Fundraiser Mar 31, Apr 1 &2
6) Yoga - for self regulation and trauma - begins Mar 30
7) Communities that Care - Positive Action Words of the Week(s)
8) TRU's Annual Fundraising Gala - get your tickets for the Apr 8, 2017 event
9) Supporting our Families: "Take a break" - CMHA free support group meets monthly
10) Tales and Trails - hands on learning at SINC
11) "Preschool Wheels" activities in Rink 2 - during April
12) Communities that Care - 2016 Williams Lake Community Profile
13) Free Public Skate - Mar 19
14) Spring Break at the Recreation Complex
15) Advance Notice - Hike for Hospice will take place May 7
16) Help us figure out what happened - CCACS Workshop Series
17) Mark your calendars - Next SPC Meeting
18) Secwepemc Elders Forum - Mar 28 & 29

Visit http://cm.pn/2j4r for these updates.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Community Updates (14) - Feb 24, 2017

Community Updates (14) - Feb 24, 2017
Table of Contents:
1) Next SPC Meeting - this Monday Feb 27 at 11:30am
2) Daybreak Rotary's 26th Annual Giant Used Book Sale - until Feb 25
3) SPCA's Open House - Monday Feb 27 - Crazy for Cupcakes
4) Tales and Trails - hands on learning at SINC
5) Hike for Hospice 2017 - Volunteers needed for event to take place
6) Legal Services Society - Williams Lake Regional Conference - Mar 14 & 15
7) Communities that Care's - Positive Action Word of the Week(s)
8) Women's Contact Society - Kids Closet accepting donations
9) TRU's Annual Fundraising Gala - get your tickets for the Apr 8, 2017 event
10) Supporting our Families: "Take a break" - CMHA free support group meets monthly
11) Strong Start Programs in SD No 27
12) Success by 6 - funding available for local projects
13) Potters host fundraiser - Mar 9 from 7 - 9 pm
14) Performances in the Park - call for performers

Please visit the link below to view these updates from around the community:

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

SPC Monthly Meeting Mins (draft) - Jan 23, 2017

SPC Monthly Meeting Minutes (draft)
Jan 23, 2017 - 11:30 am – 1:00 pm

Location: CMHA Boardroom at 51 North 4th Ave
In attendance (from sign-in sheet): Leah Selk, Margaret Anne Enders, Jay Goddard, Diane Wright, Jamie Wark, Linda Bingham, Carla Bullinger, Kathie Vilkas, Stacey Miranda, Anne Burrill, Kate Lines, Larry Stranberg, Shannon Thom, Milo Macdonald, Jessica Dunn, Sarah Jackman, and Amy Hunlin

Accept Minutes & Agenda
During lunch we:
·   Reviewed meeting minutes from Oct 24, 2016
Motion to accept as presented - MFSC
·   Reviewed meeting agenda for Jan 23, 2017
Motion to accept as presented - MFSC

Meet & Greet and Q&A with Milo MacDonald, new CAO at the City of Williams Lake
New role, but not new to the community.
Oversee the administration of the City and help council meet their goals.
Receptive to productive discussions and presentations.
This council is open to progressive ideas and that is part of the reason he took this position.
Anne: SPC has been an organization for over 20 years. Exists to bring people together around social issues in the community. To share info and work together.

Formal relationship with the City the past few years. We, as a group want to continue this relationship with the City and after many staff changes over the past few years.

Accessibility issues moving forward
New care facility beds to be announced soon
Homelessness is another community issue that is front and centre at this particular time.
So much of the fabric of our community attends SPC meetings - people are becoming more aware of social issues.
The SPC struggles with the communication piece (e.g. we don't have regular representation from the City - as we used to, since Social Development Manager position was eliminated). We as a group want to ensure that the information shared via this group makes it to council.

Milo - very open to any and all feedback - feel free to contact him directly.
Mayor also wants to participate more (as able).

Having someone at the table regularly -> shared relationship (rather than a reactive relationship).
In the past, some issues that were going in front of council was brought to this table first, then feedback was provided for consideration.

At this table, you get so many groups at one time (value of this particular table).
Milo can ensure our minutes and meeting invitations get to council.

Current Council is supportive on... Transitional housing and homelessness, youth issues and are currently on the forefront of this current Council's focus.

Rosanna - part of Aboriginal Housing Management - would like to "plant the seed" of home ownership in today's time. People respect what they own, more than what they rent. Integration and belonging is integral to becoming an engaged citizen of the community. Rental stock and homelessness are related and it is good for the local economy.

Some municipalities have helped with initiatives that help citizens become home owners (sell below market value, income cap restrictions).

Anecdotal comment - owning does creates more pride (and confidence in yourself) - win-win.

Roundtable Updates
Margaret Anne (CMHA) - Race Talks Circles - next event is today from 5:30 - 7:30 at the Eagles Nest. Very safe and supportive circle to discuss race and surrounding issues.

Diane Wright - volunteering some time with the refugee support group. Financial fundraising would be welcomed as there are substantial costs they are met with (e.g. up front medical costs).

Jay Goddard (TRU) - Governance structure support from the last meeting was successful (the info went to Kamloops). This is one function of the SPC. Practicum students are busy working. Family Support Institute (parents with children of disabilities) - Jay is the first representative from our area. They can provide presentations, workshops on advocacy, support (in light of many budget cutbacks). This group is coming to WL in the spring sometime. Jay has given them a rural perspective.

Sara (TRU student, and EE of CMHA) - creating a presentation on victim services (how they help the community). Not open to the public, but invitations will follow. There is a perceived lack of knowledge of the services available for them. Mental Health first aid - getting this initiative back into our community.

Leah Selk (CCACS) - Creativity playground event (2 weekends in February). "Mixed creative bag" (posters available). Performances in the Park (deadline to apply to be a performer is around the corner). Project grants deadline is Jan 30 - if you need help applying please contact Leah asap (not the day before).

Sarah Jackman (Punky Lake) - Current initiatives are still moving forward. Still looking for a staff person. Introductory lunch and training is coming up in March.

Rosanna McGregor (Cariboo Friendship Society). Aboriginal mental health plan (10 year review underway - Adults in the Thompson Cariboo Shuswap region). After hours classes are important (Pro D Day time is always so full) and not everyone works on a 8 - 4:30 schedule. Mental Health clients require good front line staff. Proactive planning for addressing the diverse needs of people suffering from mental health issues. "POUR" documentary (program on the CBC's Fifth Estate available on Youtube) - worth watching as it is an alternative housing model. Controversial, but very successful for some individuals. Harm Reduction model (hard sell, but there is a need to at least discuss this at the community level). Question - could a clinic serve this function? Physician managed model. RCMP resources are often used up as a sobering service (e.g. 70% of calls are alcohol related).

Rosanna cont'- Christie Smith is looking to bring back the Batchelor of Social Work program to our area.
ACTION - Put this alternative harm reduction model on our agenda for future discussion.

Shannon Thom - Waiting to hear back regarding - Skills link program for youth (combination lifeskills and job training ) for 16 - 29. Sixth cohort of Older Workers is full (Feb 14th start date).

Larry Stranberg (Community Futures) - Aboriginal Best workshop taking place from Feb 20 - Mar 3rd held in the Conference room at CF. Need a minimum of 15 participants. Flo has more information. Succession Planning (target - Sept) - biggest economic challenge in our region as boomers are retiring but not ready to sell their business (have not planned for this yet). Chamber will help promote this initiative.

Kate Lines (BIA) - Seeding startups (program "Senior and Youth-preneurs"). Pilot project. Community events schedule - the BIA is looking to help move this Calendar of Events for the year. Google calendar was discussed at a meeting hosted at the City. Beth Holden at the City of Williams Lake is the representative to contact.

Anne Burrill - CTC Profile is almost ready to present - Housing first "mini" pilot was started in late October (6 clients have been placed in apartments with subsidies and community supports).  The feedback has been very positive (tenants and landlords are very happy). Presenting to City tomorrow. Full scale three year pilot program is now the goal. There is a new Facebook "Housing First Williams Lake).

Stacey Miranda (City of WL Accessibility) - biggest project at this time is to pursue opportunities to "Age in Place" (mock-up prototype in being created).

Kathie Vilkas (Hospice) - Practicum student helped with the Memory Tree event this year. May 7 - possible event "Hike for Hospice" fundraiser. "End of Life" training coming up again in April. Starting up a grief support group (spring priority). Lobby and advocating for palliative care beds. Calendar Girls production starts Wednesday (information booth from Hospice and raffle).

George Atamanenko (many hats) - Accessible Taxi is now available (took 3 years). The first rider who took the taxi was very happy (now she can make appointments on her own). 70 plus beds was announced.  Linking organizations is also a passion.

Carla Bullinger - the Communities that Care program (initiative of the Social Planning Council back in 2008). Community Assessment report - grades 6 - 12. The second Community assessment is now complete - Some changes:  fewer kids are high risk, more kids have higher levels of protection, 9% improvement in kids commitment to school, grade 8 alcohol consumption has gone down - Feb 15th launch of this second assessment and it's results. New priorities are being identified now moving forward. Accessibility - Plain and simple language is now a goal of the accessibility committee. Family Literacy week - the Family fest is this Sunday the 29th.

Linda Bingham (Boys & Girls Club) - Feb 25th hosting the Dream Catcher's project for youth ages 11 - 13 (celebrating 150 years of Canada). Twenty workshop spots (a Saturday event) this creative project will be taken back to Ottawa. Skills for Success program (with Punky Lake) customized workskills program for youth (employment readiness program - customizable per person). Recruiting supervised workskills employment placements. BC Youth week - first week of May. Planning for this will begin shortly.

Jamie (TRU student) - Practicum placement is with the Boys & Girls Club.

Amy (TRU student) - Practicum at Marie Sharpe Elementary.

Meeting was then adjourned. The next  SPC meeting will be held on Feb 27, 2017

Contact Us

The Social Planning Council is made up of volunteers from the community. Many of us work in social services agencies or also volunteer for other organizations.

Reach our Coordinator Jessica Knodel at spc-coordinator@xplornet.com or by calling 250-243-2126. Our Mailing Address is Box 20045, Williams Lake BC V2G 4R1

To reach the Communites that Care Project Manager Carla Bullinger please email comthatcare@sd27.bc.ca