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Strategic Direction of the Social Planning Council of Williams Lake & Area:

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o Retention and Succession of residents within the Area.

Community Social Planning:

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o Maximizes the effectiveness of often scarce resources by working to reduce duplication, overlap and competition.

o Provides an ongoing forum for communication, coordination and conflict resolution.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Monthly Minutes (draft) - Sept 26, 2016

Minutes draft - SPC Monthly Meeting 
Sept 26, 2016 - 11:30 am – 1:00 pm

Location: Autism Centre at the Child Development Centre located at 690 Second Ave North in Williams Lake. Lunch provided (donations appreciated).

In attendance (from sign-in sheet): Matt Neufeld, Kathie Vilkas, Colleen Skinner, Carla Bullinger, Jay Goddard, Nancy Gale, George Atamanenko, Sarah Jackman, Margaret Anne Enders, Rosanna McGregor, Jordan Davis, and Jessica Dunn.

Reviewed meeting minutes from Jun 27, 2016  
Motion to accept the minutes as presented - MFSC 

Reviewed meeting agenda for Sept 26, 2016 
Motion to accept the agenda as presented - MFSC 

Presentation - TRU Practicum Student Placements
Jay Goddard from Thompson Rivers University provided more information on:

WANTED:Winter Practicum Placements for 2nd Year Human Service Diploma students (Oct 6 - Dec 16).

Context: Program renewal through Human Service program. Shifting practicum model to encourage fall placements. Also new - Field Education Coordinator is a separate position.

Moving to putting agencies used in the past, into a database for record keeping purposes and more effective placements. Even if you have not hosted a student placement, you can still be added to database for future potential placements

Winter: Placement opportunity timeline is Feb to the end of April. Implement program from start to finish. Some past project placements include: CCPL, CMHA - volunteer fair, B&G Club.

Please see poster for placement details (both fall and winter).

Discussions about the above:
These opportunities provide such valuable hands on experience and allows our current organizations to "prep/groom" new students to the realities of our fields.

These experiences help students understand non-for-profits and their local needs. Well paying ministry job is often the only picture students focus on and local opportunities like these open their eyes to the realities in practice.

"Q-Munity" training, as one example of training students could be exposed to, really helps identify issues that are often not though about (e.g. back in the closet once a partner dies). These real examples also help students entering the field, to understand their field.

Hearing voices of support from this table is very valuable. Sharing these stories of success (e.g. 5 TRU graduates who completed their practicum at the B&G club are now working for the organization). Celebrating these successes is needed (e.g. rather than only hearing complaints about our local campus programming).

Special Presentation - Overdose Awareness, Fentanyl, and Q&A

Jordan Davis, Harm Reduction Coordinator from Boys & Girls Club in Williams Lake presented a brief overview on Overdose Awareness and providing more information on the current Fentanyl trend followed by Q&A.

General discussion today and what WL is doing about this (B&G Club and Interior Health contract). Jordan teaches sexual health in the schools.

In April 2016 the recorded overdose figures was 400 for the year 2015. By April of 2016 (only four months into the year) and already 488 overdoses have been recorded in BC in 2016 so far (Fentanyl was the most common drug).

Historically, it is used in acute pain management (labour & delivery and other pain management). Delivered in very slow release patches (that are 50 - 100 times more powerful than morphine). There is a high risk of overdosing with this drug. There is a working group that is in part providing education in the high schools - see cards.

Fentanyl, is being mass produced in China right now, and is very cheap to produce. No regulations at this time. Heroin is being literally replaced due to these features.

It is being "cut" into drugs (even marijuana) and many people are not aware they are exposed to it. Lacing into other drugs is very common and very dangerous (chocolate cookie analogy - you might get no chocolate chips, or you could get them all - risky).

Tolerance in people is highly variable. People at high risk are those who have not taken it for awhile.

Who is the most at risk group? This is hard to quantify (e.g. it could be someone whose prescription pain killers have run out and is buying off the street).

Because of this declared health emergency - Interior Health has been receiving real-time stats.

A presentation on Sept 19th in Anahim Lake - students were very receptive to the information Jordan presented.

There is a drug to reverse the effects of fentanyl called Naloxone, and there are some people delegated to administer this. Jordan (as a youth worker for the B&G Clubc) is one of the local delegates.

If someone needs Naloxone- Adults should go to public health. For a youth, contact the B&G Club.

Q: What are the local WL stats?
A: One overdose death this month, and 5 overdoses in a short period of time (three weeks) needed Naloxone in August locally.

This is a very real problem: It's has been found in every drug from Marijuana, to "street" Percocet (&/or Oxycotin). Students (and parents) need to know this information.

Community Forum is being planned (sponsored by the Tribune) in October. The demand for this info is so high right now and everyone's capacity is being exhausted.

Q: Are larger funding conversations happening?
A: So many overdoses are being reversed at this time (5/day in Surrey) which is opening up the discussions for further funding (e.g. detox & treatment facilities are lacking in resources). Increased conversations need to happen. The current "band-aid" is Naloxone.

We need to continue to embed these conversations at tables we sit at. We need to continue to verbalize and share these explicit linkages. Pass the word on!

Q: Are the kids you teach "getting it"?
A: Peer dissemination of info is the best way to reach the kids. They understand maybe 5/10 of the facts and share it with their peers. Snowball effect.

Comment - Keep talking to them, over and over again - there is no harm!

Q: Are there preventative measures to stop the drugs from arriving here? A: Most of the drugs up here come from Vancouver, and there are efforts working to stop this flow.

Posters were made available.

Fall SPC AGM & Community Collaboration Workshop
Notice was given of the SPC's Annual General Meeting and Workshop presented by the Canadian Cancer Society entitled "Williams Lake Community Collaboration Workshop" on Friday Nov 4th.

The monthly October SPC meeting will take place if Milo is available. If he's not, we will postpone and meet next at our AGM.

Question: Would a central location for our SPC meetings be beneficial for attendance? People around the table agreed that one location would have benefits.

Action: Matt will inquire about the Co-op room as a permanent location for monthly SPC Meetings.

Roundtable Updates (only those not shared via community updates are included below). 

Nancy Gale (update in advance): Gaming funds in WL. Investment pool required and new board member (also auditor) is open to having these discussions. Committee driven - new committees welcome. Pooled investment is an option. Salmon Arm has a creative community foundation that we could learn from. The SPC as subcommittee panel is a viable option. Social investments will be up for discussion in the future. This is a start - we need to position ourselves to move this forward.

Nancy cont': Raffle project ("Chase the Ace") - Nancy will be looking into getting this popular alternative to 50-50 fundraising draws (back East "Chase the Ace" is common) into rural communities in BC. Nancy will be investigating this as another option to additional gaming dollars.

Rosanna McGregor: Gaming Grant info workshop being held Oct 21st (sent via updates). Friendly reminder - next Tues Oct 4th at the Longhouse, sponsored by the Union of BC Municipalities is a Truth & Reconciliation event - to strengthen the relationship with local governments. You need to RSVP. The following day, they will be at the schools working with small groups of students. Difficult topic to discuss - this should be a direct result of survivors (talking from direct experience).

Rosanna cont':
Housing First & affordable home ownership is an important issue right now. CMHC - help with down payments, and lower financing options (e.g. below prime rates). The SPC was invited to attend a meeting at the City that was economically driven (Jessica and Rosanna attended)

Kathie Vilkas (Hospice)
: Hospice volunteer training (now renamed to be "End of Life Hospice training" is happening again in October (info sent in updates).

Sarah Jackman (Punky Lake Wilderness Camp): Fright Night event coming up. New probation support services employee. New Safety initiative - crime prevention strategy project funding opportunities - more updates will follow as this is further developed. A position will be created shortly - Increased interagency collaboration will be one duty for this job. This is to boost local programs that already exist (community committee to make community decisions). Long standing Senator Landon Pearson (met with Sarah last year) at a Youth leadership workshop on Child & Youth rights (Shaking the movers - brings broad range of children together). Beginner conversations at this time, but looking for more participants.

Carla Bullinger (CCPL):
one to one mentoring, and computer literacy programs at the Library (free), as well as Financial Empowerment Workshops (name changed) are available through CCPL.

Margaret Anne Enders (CMHA):
Orange t-shirt Day is this Friday. Note- Orange T-Shirt Day started right here in the Cariboo and is now celebrated nation wide. Two new families from Liberia (multi generational families are coming to WL sponsored by two different groups 1) Catholic church, and 2) WL Refugee Sponsorship group.

Meeting was then adjourned. The next SPC Meeting will be held on either Oct 24, or Nov 4 - To be announced once confirmed.

Friday, October 21, 2016

SPC Meeting Reminder - Monday Oct 24, 2016

The SPC Meeting is this Monday Oct 24, 2016 with guest Milo MacDonald new CAO for the City of Williams Lake who will be joining us for a meet and greet and Q&A. The meeting is being held from 11:30 - 1:00 pm at the Child Development Centre Co-op building at 51 - 4th Ave S (across from Safeway, and down from the Boys & Girls Club). There will be lunch by donation. Note - our meeting will be held at this location until further notice.

The draft agenda for Oct 24, 2016

  •  Review Minutes from last month's Jun 24, 2016 meeting  (available online later today at socialplanningcouncil.blogspot.ca later or by hardcopy on Monday).
  • Review Agenda for Monday's Oct 24, 2016 meeting
  • Meet & Greet - Q&A with Milo MacDonald, new CAO for the City of Williams Lake
  • Community Collaboration Workshop - Fri Nov 4, 2016 (SPC AGM before workshop begins) at the Pioneer Complex. More information about the event and the link to RSVP is on our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/events/1658256274503784/
  • Round table Updates

If able, please bring a hard copy (or email spc-coordinator@xplornet.com) your organizations updates you want shared in next week's Community Updates being sent out Friday Oct 28, 2016.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Community Updates (16) - Sept 23, 2016

Community Updates (16) - Sept 23, 2016
Table of Contents:

1) Next Monthly SPC Meeting - this Mon Sept 26th at 11:30 am
2) SPC AGM & Community Collaboration Workshop - Friday Nov 4th
3) Canada-B.C. Job Grant - available funding streams 
4) Free Public Talk (Cariboo Parent Connect Group) - "The TALK" - Sept 28 at 7 pm
5) WANTED: Fall Practicum Placements for 2nd Year Human Service Diploma students
6) State of the Child Report (draft) is available for early viewing.
7) Orange T-Shirt Day - Friday Sept 30th
8) Info Session on Community Gaming Grants - Oct 21
9) In Celebration of Small Business Month - Lunch 'n' Learn Sessions
10) Hospice Training Begins Oct 14, 2016
11) CCACS Pilot Arts and Culture Grants Program - feedback encouraged
12) Annual General Meeting - Williams Lake Refugee Sponsorship Group
13) Early Childhood Education Programs have begun
14) Williams Lake Wanderers - September events
15) Too Hot for Tots - Educator Workshop - Oct 12, 2016
16) Made in the Cariboo Craft Sale - Advance notice (vendors welcomed)

To view these updates please visit the link below:

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

SPC Monthly Minutes (draft) - Jun 27 2016

SPC Monthly Minutes (draft) - Jun 27, 2016
11:30 am - 1:00 pm at The Glass Slippers Boutique (across from The Hobbit House & Red Shreds)

In attendance (from sign-in sheet): Matt Neufeld, Ashlee Hyde, Shannon Thom, Del Byron, Colleen Skinner, Joanne Meyrick, Meera Shah, Margaret-Anne Enders, Sharon Taylor and Jessica Knodel.

Accept Minutes & Agenda

During lunch we:

-Reviewed meeting minutes from May 30, 2016
Motion to accept minutes as presented - MFSC
-Reviewed meeting agenda for Jun 27, 2016
Motion to accept agenda as presented - MFSC 

RCMP Presentation
Staff Sgt. Del Byron from the Williams Lake RCMP detachment joined us to discuss the gang related violence that has occurred in our community over the last few months.

Discussion Notes:
Welcome to Del
Stampede Weekend coming up
Gang Violence - dropped noticeably over the last few months.
Domestic Violence - ongoing
BC Liquor store - 50% of shop lifting in our community is from there. They need to address their operations to help curb this.

Williams Lake saw a decrease in gang violence - Many prolific offenders are currently in custody (12 - 13 within the community in general).
A  very notable violent offender is also in custody.
Per Capita however we had a higher rate of murder (compared to Surrey)

Question: Are creating different (positive) relationships helping reduce violent crime?
Answer: Only approx 10 kids at very high risk for offending.

Lots of activities within the community (the RCMP are very involved with youth in our community).

Not solely a police issue (parental, school district) - e.g. ages 3 - 13 (what happened to these individuals during this time in their life?).

Team effort is required to address these at risk youth.

Lots of talk in WL, but not much action (e.g. lots of meetings, but where is the action?)

All agencies need to be engaged.

Same old issued remain- drug use, poverty, and a lack of services.

Question: Please give us some background on the Blue Ribbon Panel?
Answer: Project that began with a study (Prov of BC in 2014), and came up with a few key points... e.g. (6 key recommendations). 80 groups were part of this - related to crime prevention strategies.
e.g. 1) manage prolific offenders (less reactionary), 2) Quality of mental health and addiction supports more available, 3) Greater use of restorative justice (locally 40 people involved - but not many Native volunteers which doesn't help things in that population), 4) Emphasis on designing out crime (e.g. environmental criminology - e.g. move the location, make the layout a horseshoe design, lockboxes at doorways, etc.) 5) Strengthen interagency collaboration* (highlighted as important for our area). This is difficult to do when mental health is an issue, but there is no facility or centre for them to go (only emergency room - team there but still overloaded as the hospital is often at capacity - people even have to use this as a walk-in clinic). Time consuming for RCMP - ties up officers. This issue is not only prevalent in our community - it is a national issue. 6) Examine the funding approached - inconsistencies and lack of consistent funding. Model - streamlining services to save money, and use any excess for other needed gaps.

Fear is rampant in this community (since the recent assault of the boy on the bike it has gotten worse).

There is an affordable housing issue in our community (RCMP know this).

Collaboration* - the RCMP do their best, have meetings with many groups on a regular basis, but more is needed.

ICAT - Interagency Collaboration Action Team (for high risk domestic violence cases). Not an open group.

Question: FASD and crime prevention? Still a topic?
Answer: Yes, there are FASD cases locally. And these people are not necessarily criminals per se, rather lack mental health skills to make healthy decisions. Horton Ventures can help make this assessment (diagnosis paid for by the Govt, if employment is a goal).

Social Planning Council can help be a voice for people who have FASD. We used to be a leader in this.

New trend - It almost seems as if "disability" is a dirty word now.

In summary - these crime issues are beginning "right out of the gate" - babies need a strong upbringing to prevent these problems to start with.

Comment - There should be more liasoning with First Nations (Feb 29, 2016 MacLeans magazine addresses this topic).Choice of language is important when speaking to diverse groups as a whole. An ethnic only caucus could be one bridge to encourage more participation from all groups.

Society Act Changes
Brief overview of Presentation on Jun 14 at the Central Cariboo Arts & Culture Society - Jessica Knodel

SPC General Updates
No meetings over summer. The SPC AGM will take place again in the fall. And Jessica Knodel, SPC Coordinator announced she is pregnant (due late November).

Roundtable Updates
Jay Goddard (TRU) - Student Practicum Project opportunities will be available this fall for groups that could benefit from "taking on" a group of students. More formal presentation of these opportunities will take place this fall.

Sharon Taylor (IMSS and local Refugee Sponsorship Group)- Two families coming from Liberia within the next few months (see info in last community update sent out by the SPC). If you can help with their settlement needs please contact Sharon. Language classes are over, but will resume in the fall. Language services - 118 people used the services.

Margaret-Anne Enders (CMHA)-  from 4:30 - 6:30 pm tomorrow, a final wrap-up meeting of the Anti-Racism "Dirty Laundry Campaign" is taking place at the CCACS (see last SPC Community update). The last feature story will be published in the Tribune this week. Thank-you to everyone who participated and helped promote this project.

Meeting adjourned. The next SPC Meeting will take place on Sept 26, 2016 (location TBA).

Contact Us

The Social Planning Council is made up of volunteers from the community. Many of us work in social services agencies or also volunteer for other organizations.

Reach our Coordinator Jessica Knodel at spc-coordinator@xplornet.com or by calling 250-243-2126. Our Mailing Address is Box 20045, Williams Lake BC V2G 4R1

To reach the Communites that Care Project Manager Carla Bullinger please email comthatcare@sd27.bc.ca